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Why do kids LOVE Food bEatz?

Kids hear Food bEatz rhythms every day, in every popular song, from Hiphop to House, Rock to Reggaeton.

Kids hear Food bEatz rhythms on commercials, in cars, buses, and trains, and the soundtracks of favorite shows. 

Kids want to learn Food bEatz rhythms because they inspire energy, movement, and joy.

Why teach music with a game?

Playing music games in the classroom with a social, "hands-on" approach activates positive emotion, keeping kids engaged in learning.  When kids participate in team-based gameplay, research proves they remember what they learn - and come back HUNGRY for more.

Food bEatz games are an easy way for teachers and parents to teach kids about the music and rhythms they love, building math & social skills along the way.

Meet the Founders

Food bEatz founders Jesse Mell and Travien Bryson are veteran public school teachers from Philadelphia.  They built the Food bEatz learning system to help kids improve music, math, and social skills doing what they love:  rapping, making beats, and playing games with friends! 

The Food bEatz learning system is perfect for teaching the syncopated rhythms of Hiphop, Afrobeat, and Reggaeton in music classrooms, too. 

Jesse and Travien love to show music teachers how EASY it is to use their patented Food bEatz system.  Contact us for a free ZOOM demo, coaching sessions, professional development, or visit to your school!

Travien Bryson bio pic.jpeg

Travien Bryson

Jesse Mell bio pic (1).jpeg

Jesse Mell

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